EUCRM: Five components, twenty impacts

EUCRM encapsulates and unifies collaboration research into a model

The fields of interpersonal communication and social psychology are immense, with hundreds of theories and concepts to learn. However, not everyone has three years to complete a psychology degree in order to improve their collaboration skills!

In the EUCRM online course, we take much of the existing theory and cram it into a framework consisting of five components and twenty impacts.

The components are outcomes that you should try to achieve when collaborating. The impacts are actions you can take to change the components.

This is all visually represented in a way that is easy to remember, at least once you have finished our thirteen modules!

Each module teaches you a strategy

In addition to learning EUCRM, we provide strategies for successful collaboration that show how the framework can be used in practice.

Beginner modules

Giving and receiving feedback

Dealing with bullying and ostracism

Intermediate modules

Conflict resolution

Protecting your ideas

Managing stressful group environments

Advanced modules

Competition between and within groups

Adopting a better group strategy

Incorporating external voices into discussion

Chimpanzee modules

Making first contact with a potential collaborator

Your reputation amongst a network

Using power wisely

The art and importance of respect

Integrating yourself into a new group


EUCRM: jump on board!